TR Womens Christmas Sales

Immediately recognizable by the now-iconic, oversized stitch detail of its jeans, TR Womens has long championed a bold aesthetic.

If you follow politics at all, and particularly political fashion, you may have noticed that APEC 2014 was going down. While the world's leaders gathered together to discuss Asia-Pacific economic cooperation (BORINGGGGGG, but probably important or some shit), the foreign dignitaries also dressed up in the cultural garb of the host country. Since this year's summit was in Beijing, everyone got laced with traditional Chinese wears. Have you seen these things? I can't lie, they're pretty fucking dope and very Star Trek -like.

TR Womens Christmas Sales,
True Religion Long Sleeve T-shirts Mens
True Religion Long Sleeve T-shirts Mens
Luckily for you, you can snag them on China's Amazon, Alibaba, according to Vocativ . While I couldn't track down the exact listing, I did some sleuthing and found a very similar joint with multiple color?options. ?Obama's burgundy number will run you just $130 and adding the scarf tacks on another $20. Word is they're super popular right now: More than 20 orders were made in half a day. So get yours while supplies last. You may end up looking a little bit like Jean-Luc Picard, but you'll also have that diplomatic swag on lock.