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Immediately recognizable by the now-iconic, oversized stitch detail of its jeans, TR Mens has long championed a bold aesthetic.

Robert Pattinson ?stepped out last night at the 7 th Annual GO GO Gala in Beverly Hills to reveal a new, strange haircut he's rocking. While Pattinson's disheveled locks look to be party on the front, per usual, the back and sides of the actor's head have been completely shaved but for one patch of hair.?

TR Mens Christmas Sales, This is one hair style that we just cannot condone. It looks like whoever was cutting his hair simply missed a spot, or that Pattinson urged him or her to leave it so he could finally grow out a rat tail. As Pattinson tries to reinvent his career , and distance himself from the? Twilight ?series, maybe this is a way for the actor to show off his more experimental, artistic side. However, it probably won't be long before Pattinson joins the list of celebrities?who regret their haircuts.

The Internet has not been kind to terrible celebrity hair styles, and that includes Kanye's Chevron logo cut . We should probably just be thankful, though, that Pattinson?didn't want to pay homage to the Jumpman like this kid .?

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