TR Canada Christmas Sales

Immediately recognizable by the now-iconic, oversized stitch detail of its jeans, TR Canada has long championed a bold aesthetic.

There isn't much room for parody in the fashion business. We pretty much already have that covered with Michael Kors's steady stream of brilliant insight . But then, a contender emerges. Of course, it takes to clowning on the most basic of all menswear outlets: Men's Wearhouse .

TR Canada Christmas Sales,
True Religion Jeans Billy Petite Straight Leg Jean - Dark Womens
True Religion Jeans Billy Petite Straight Leg Jean - Dark Womens
The best part about it all is that because no one in their right mind would ever follow the real, actual Men's Wearhouse , the dumb dumbs on your timeline might actually think that this is the real deal. Okay, fine, that's not actually the best part. See, the account looks to trick you into a false sense of security with a few serious tweets, possibly to garner more followers, and thenˇXBAM, MOTHERFUCKERˇXhits you with that quality #menswear humor and existential dread that goes along with, you know, working at Men's Wearhouse. Usually, parody Twitter accounts are super fucking weak if they're?trying to play off, say, Bill Murray ?or Will Ferrell with some lowest common denominator type shit, but good, humble style jokes? We'll allow it. I know, I wish I had thought of it too.