The True Religion Christmas Sales

Immediately recognizable by the now-iconic, oversized stitch detail of its jeans, The True Religion has long championed a bold aesthetic.

It's always the coolest people who dress the plainest. Take, for example, Riccardo Tisci and his self-professed love of Air Force Ones. He wears them almost every day, which is admittedly kind of boring, but that's what being a fashion insider is all about according to? The Wall Street Journal . The minds behind many of the world's biggest labels don't dress extravagantly, instead preferring minimal, clean fits most the time. And they almost never go along with any of the current trends. As Caroline de Maigret, who regularly models Chanel and could drape herself in it on the reg if she so desired, says,?ížIf there's a military trend, I'll put all my military-feeling clothes in the cupboard and then let them out two years later.

The True Religion Christmas Sales,
True Religion Flare Jeans
True Religion Flare Jeans
They even pull that high-low shit so many bloggers (read: poors) talk about. Just look at Peter Dundas of Emilio Pucci, who anchors his Hermes Chelsea boots and SLP leather with Levi's jeans. Wow, fashion designers, they really are just like us! And when they do splurge on certain items, they're basics. It's a sort of nothing to stunt mindset if you really think about it.?Basically, hypebeasting and keeping up with trends is completely useless and lame, fam. But we kinda already knew that shit. Just wear simple, clean, put-together gear for the rest of your life and you'll have a signature look and maybe go to Fashion Week one time dressed really inconspicuously and become an icon. It really is that easy.